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Thrilling open-world RPG

Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world futuristic sci-fi action-adventure game developed by CD Projekt Red. The game takes place in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour, and body modification. You must be careful when entering their turf as outsiders are never welcome. This game is played in the first-person perspective and draws inspiration from the 1982 film Blade Runner, the manga and anime series Ghost in the Shell, and video games System Shock and Deus Ex.

A fleshed-out lore 

Cyberpunk 2077 puts you in the shoes of V, a mercenary outlaw chasing a one-of-kind implant. This implant is the key to immortality and you must go through the neon-lit streets of Night City, Pacifica, and other multiple city-states to get this chip. This full-fledged role-playing game offers two distinct playstyles you can adopt as you progress through the story. 

The strong solo build allows you to use blunt force and take instant action while the NetRunner build takes frequent advantage of stealth tactics, hacking, and battlefield control using malicious software. Both tactics will come into play on your mission orchestrated by the VooDoo Boys. They’re a group of Netrunners who effectively rule Pacifica. You will need to infiltrate their enemy, The Animals, at the Grand Imperial Mall. 

Members of the opposing gang are hardly human anymore, so you have to prepare yourself for battle. They wear melee-combat implants to raise their prowess in combat. They’re fast and powerful so you will see also see them working as bouncers around Pacifica. Their presence throughout the city has made them skilled street-level business types. They handle illegal substances and underground fight clubs. 

Personalized gameplay

Your preparation will come in the Character Creation stage. Your background is important as it unlocks special options and story junctures. Next, you must modify V using the deep customization system that spans your look, style, and abilities. Lastly, you will be asked to modify your class system. This will allow you to mix and match a wide range of abilities to suit your playstyle. 

Create any hybrid class you can imagine, ranging from strong solo characters to skilled NetRunners. The solo playstyle is for players who want to use guns and might to get this done. This direct approach to gameplay gives you enhanced strength and this cyborg assassin fantasy allows you to take apart a turret of its weapons, force open doors, and use your enemies as a human shield. 

You will have access to powerful melee combat cyberware. If you would rather sneak around and hide and strike from the shadows, however, you can use the NetRunner playstyle. This will allow you to fill your Cyberdeck with a string of instructions that are represented by letters and numbers. This will help you get around obstacles, hack into the enemy’s tech, and get control of devices connected to the network. 

An exhilarating role-playing game

Cyberpunk 2077 presents an interconnected future where no one can clearly be trusted. The branching storyline depends on every decision you make. The choices you make will shape the world around you and affect your relationships around you.  This creates dynamic and action-packed gameplay that offers hours of exploration and mind-blowing twists.


  • Comprehensive customization options
  • In-depth storyline
  • Fluid movement in fighting styles
  • Well-rendered hyper-realistic graphics


  • Limited number of players
  • Limited playable characters

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